Create an unfair advantage in your business by identifying new income streams

I’m Amy Voller, and I’ll teach you how.

Want to unlock the fullest potential in your business?

Feeling envious about other business owners seemingly crushing it?
Worried that your single source of income could dry up at any moment?
Looking for ways to safeguard your business AND make more money by diversifying your sources of income?

If you answered yes to any of these, I can help.


Group coaching opens soon

Begins 3 August

Small group coaching

1:1 private session

Dedicated group support

Six training modules

Dedicated product or service programs

You’re proud of what you’ve achieved so far, but… you want more

You suspect your business could be earning more money. So you constantly work to grow your list and advertise more, but it’s not paying off in the balance sheet.

You hate to admit it, but you feel a stab of envy when you see other business women seemingly crushing it. Frustratingly, they make it look easy—and you’re wondering when your turn will come.

Let’s take action to diversify and find your passive income streams

During our six weeks together, you will learn how to easily identify, prioritise and create additional streams of revenue in your business. Once you know how, you can use this model repeatedly over the lifetime of your business.

The goal? To achieve your best income months—permanently.

Program modules

Week one

Exploring your business options

Group masterclass

Week two

Taking a goal setting reboot

Group Masterclass

Week three

Leveraging strengths and honoring values

Group Masterclass

Week four

Exploring the decision-making blueprint

Group Masterclass

Week five

Collaborating for rapid momentum

1:1 private coaching

Week six

My Heading 5

Group Masterclass


Bonus coaching


Work at your own pace

Ideally, you’ll spare about two hours per week for the group masterclasses and completing the (fun) homework tasks. You’ll definitely get the most out of your investment if you take advantage of the six weeks of unlimited access to ask me anything as you progress.

But let’s face it: everyone’s busy working in their business, and I’m sure you are no different.

That’s why you can work through this program at your own pace. While it’s advantageous to keep up with the six-week schedule, sometimes life gets busy. If you fall behind, you can catch up on the modules any time.

What’s included

Private 1:1 coaching

After you have identified three potential new income streams, a 1:1 coaching session will identify the best avenues to pursue to yield maximum results.

Group masterclasses

Each week, you’ll get access to a private group masterclass with me, learning the GROWTH framework that you can apply repeatedly in your business in future.

Worksheets & assignments

Get weekly assignments and worksheets, designed to view your business from a new perspective and unlock the hidden potential in your business — fast.

Product or service?

Choose the program dedicated to your kind of business

The challenges facing product and service businesses are very different, so I’ve created two versions of the program for each kind of industry. This means you’ll be learning alongside others facing similar struggles, challenges and opportunities, and be able to network and potentially collaborate with like-minded business owners.

Product business

Ideal for:

  • product manufacturers
  • retail owners
  • FMCG brands
  • ecommerce stores
  • bricks and mortar stores

Starts 3 August

Service business

Ideal for:

  • consultants
  • freelancers
  • course creators
  • coaches
  • creatives

Starts 4 August

Business coach australia female amy

Meet Amy

For decades, I’ve helped major global brands find new revenue streams and grow their market share. I’ve worked with all kinds and sizes of industries, from banking to baby products, from startups to solopreneurs and many more in between..

I believe that any business can reduce its risk by adding new income streams. It’s my job to give you both the tools and inspiration to take action and launch lucrative new offers.

Highly practical and action-driven, I want to help you make tangible differences to your business to attain your highest ever monthly income. To achieve this, I’ll be encouraging you to work hard, and helping you do so in a strategic, effective and burn-out free way.

I know that entrusting someone to help grow your business is a big investment, and I take your commitment seriously.

Ongoing access guaranteed

You get lifetime access to the course materials, recordings of the live group masterclasses and coaching calls. This means you can revisit the program again and again, any time you are ready to start launching new income streams in your business.

Your questions answered

During the six weeks, you get unlimited access to me to ask any questions you’d like. Anything at all! So please, during the program, pick my brain about:

  • business growth and development
  • global trends
  • scaling business growth
  • crisis management
  • PR
  • product development

Case studies galore

The best way of learning? Seeing how someone else did it. That’s why I’ll be sharing plenty of detailed case studies of growth stacking solutions. You can get a sneak peek into how other businesses just like yours have added revenue streams to their business.

Not all of these approaches will be right for your business. So, I’ll be sharing several different case studies so you will have more chances of finding inspiration.

Plus, you’ll have lifetime access to the content, so if you decide you are ready to swipe the tactic in a year or so from today, the case study will be ready for you to refer back to.

This course is for you if:

  • you are ready to take action and grow your business
  • you believe that investing in a high-level coach helps you achieve your business goals faster
  • you are open to new ideas and exploring new ways of diversifying your business offers
  • you are willing to work hard and put the time in to complete the tasks
  • you have been in business for at least one year
  • you have proven your business model and you are earning at least $5k per month
  • you believe that the investment in the program will be worth it for you and your business

This course is NOT for you if:

  • you are incredibly busy in your life or business, and don’t have spare time to do the coursework
  • you aren’t keen on exploring different kinds of offers—you prefer to stick with selling the same products or services you currently offer
  • you’ve only just started and haven’t established a proven business model yet
  • you’d rather explore a DIY option where you explore adding new products and services on your own
  • you aren’t ready to make the financial investment, and you doubt that it’s right timing for you

Work with a business growth expert

Get access to my highly effective strategies and work in close collaboration with me to achieve game-changing business results.

Unlock greater potential in your business

If you are not willing to muddle along for a few more years, and want to achieve big goals sooner rather than later, I can help you get there.

Learn how to identify new income streams

Explore opportunities you never previously considered and learn how to apply them to your business now and in perpetuity.


Group masterclass with Kate Merryweather

Learn how to boost your personal brand and use your profile to leverage your business success. Kate Merryweather is a Melbourne copywriter and thought leadership strategist who can show you how to use content marketing to drive more people into your orbit, gain a profile and create PR opportunities. In this private group masterclass, Kate will show you how to drive more traffic to your website and create a following by establishing your personal brand.


for Amy Voller

Real results

Leading retailer grows revenue using the GROWTH method

The client
IsAlbi is a wholesale supplier of homewares, kitchenware, gifting, specialty toys and artificial plants serving customers in Australia and New Zealand.

The challenge
The IsAlbi team was seeking to expand its artificial plants into the commercial interiors landscaping sector—a lucrative opportunity that was not being adequately tapped.

The approach
I created a system to identify and prioritise which types of customers would present the most viable new revenue opportunities. Using my GROWTH framework, I analysed design trends and industry segment needs. It wasn’t about finding new opportunities—rather using accurate data to identify which were best for IsAlbi to pursue. I identified the short, mid and long-term options for the client, creating a clear, data-driven pathway to add significant growth to this niche offering.

The results
The IsAbli team reviewed the recommendations and presented a selection to the board, which provided up to several million dollars of additional revenue streams for their business.

Who is this course suitable for?

Product retailers


Service providers


Small business owners



What you get

  • 6 weeks of group coaching
  • 5 x 60-minute group masterclasses
  • 1 x 60-minute private 1:1 coaching
  • 2 x group Q&A sessions
  • mentoring support to review and refine your strategy
  • unlimited access to me to answer your questions via the private Facebook group for the six weeks
  • worksheets, templates and assignments (that you can use now and anytime in the future when you need to diversify your income) 
  • lifetime access
  • bonus masterclass with Kate Merryweather
  • access to 10 detailed case studies

Pay upfront

  • $1997 + gst
  • single invoice, pay to secure your place

Pay as you go

  • three payments of $735 + gst each
    • first payment on booking: to secure your space
    • second payment: week one, day one of the program
    • final payment: week three, day one of the program
  • three invoices

Your questions answered

Do I get lifetime access?

Yes. You get to keep all the worksheets and copies of the coaching calls.

When will the group coaching sessions be scheduled?

During the six weeks, the group coaching sessions will be on Tuesdays or Wednesdays at 10:00am. If you can’t make it, you’ll be sent a recording of the session to keep.

How will the group coaching sessions run?

The session will be scheduled via Zoom.

At the start of the program, you’ll get an email appointment with the link, so it’s in your calendar.

After each session you’ll get access to a link of the recording.

Do I need to have Facebook for this course?

It isn’t 100% necessary, but all of the group chat, support and conversation will be held in the Facebook group, so you’d be missing a huge element of the course if you didn’t join in! But, you can still just attend the group coaching calls without joining Facebook if you wish.

Can I email, call or message you with questions during the program?

You can absolutely ask questions. As we start the program, all questions are submitted through the Facebook group. You’ll find that it’s helpful to see what other people ask, and others will benefit from seeing the answers to your questions.

As you start completing the assignments, you’ll be emailing me your work privately, so from weeks 4-6, mentoring support will be available via email.


Yes, ask away. You can ask a question publicly via the Facebook group, or privately via email with me.

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