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Stop overthinking and start taking action

A Melbourne business coach helping you diversify your income and grow your business

In just six weeks, you can identify up to three new sources of income for your business

When you have multiple sources of income, your business is safer.
(And you’re less stressed.)
As you take action to diversify your revenue, your business grows because you’re selling more products or services to more people.
Plus, your business is less vulnerable to risk.
If one income stream dries up, you have plenty of other sources of income to support you.

This is my wish for you.
I’ll teach you how to identify and pursue opportunities to grow your business by adding more services and products to your offering.

Amy Voller, Melbourne Business Coach

Hi, I'm Amy Voller

After fourteen years of living in Europe, working for corporate brands like Britax and Royal Bank of Scotland, I was ready for a change.

In 2015, with my Dutch husband and two young daughters in tow, I moved home to Melbourne and began working with a new kind of client—SMEs.

Now I am a Melbourne business coach working with women who own small but mighty businesses. Drawing on my 20 years of corporate experience, I help them to achieve exponential and sustainable business growth by identifying and launching new income streams.

I’d love to do the same for you, too.

Business coach australia female amy

Time to start growth stacking

Growth hacking? No thanks.

Growth stacking is different. It’s about stacking your business with more diverse offers. Because when you have more products or services to sell, you make more money. Once you learn how, you can apply this method again and again in your business.

Create an action plan for growth

Strategy trumps journaling and manifestation, so we’ll create an action plan that’s both exciting and achievable.

Identify new income opportunities

This is the fun part: where you identify, test and create new models of income that you’ve never thought of before.

Work on your business at your own pace

Sometimes life gets in the way, so we’ll take it slow and steady, with momentum and action that feels right for you.

Get guidance from an expert (me)

I’m part of your team; here to guide you and challenge you just a teensy bit to achieve more in your business.

More ways you can work with me


Get a tailored consulting package according to your particular business needs.


Lock in a dynamic, warm speaker to give your audience a fresh perspective.


Join the latest workshops on all things business strategy, offers and growth.


Secure custom training programs for your business development team.

‘If you suspect you could achieve more in your business, it’s time to ditch the frustration. Let’s get clear and start taking inspired action to achieve your business goals— fast.’

Amy Voller, Melbourne small business coach.

Get a top Melbourne business coach in your corner

When you work with me as your business coach, you get a fully invested partner who cares about your success. I’ve done group coaching where access to the facilitator is limited—and it drives me nuts! So when you join my Diversify Your Income program, you’ll get plenty of access to me, both in a 1:1 and group setting. I’ll be asking plenty of questions, so I can deeply understand what’s going on. Only then can I formulate a plan to help drive greater success and income in your business.

Ready to achieve your highest income month ever by diversifying your income? And keep it that way?

Let’s go.



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